We Are Who We Are

Pretty lame to jock off the Ke$ha title for our ‘About’ page but it was fairly catchy soooo…..


We are Nate and Megan Berkey. Pretty much the coolest couple this side of Northeast, Ohio.

We will never be described as a proper, quiet, sophisticated, noncompetitive, shy, boring couple with small appetites.

Oh yeah, and you know that couple that annoyingly quotes a television show all the time? Totally us. We try and incorporate “Officeisms” into each and every conversation. Not easy, but we’re ambitious people.

Megan loves Jesus, her fantastic husband, yoga pants, vanilla pudding, and basketball. She’s a cereal fanatic and is trying to learn to become at least somewhat domestic (Prayers appreciated, it’s a slow process!).

Nate loves Jesus too, playing guitar, college football, Taco Bell, and of course, his wife. He’s addicted to College Town on Facebook and can quote almost all of the movie, Tommy Boy.

We are completely pumped about working with college students in NE Ohio for Campus Crusade. Seriously, we can wear sweatpants to work if we want – bliss.

If you want to get a hold of us, we would love to talk to you! Email us at megan.berkey@uscm.org



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