Great Gobs of Goose Grease

We arrive at the farm, walk into Grandma and Grandpa’s living room. Hugs for Grandma….

Grandpa walks in and proceeds to change in the middle of the room. He drops his pants. We gasp and close our eyes. Thankfully, my Grandpa was wearing like 3 pairs of pants…just don’t question it. Of course, there is nothing weird to him about changing in front of all of us. I mean, he still pinches my backside and says I’m “a good little boy”.

This is life on the farm. Unpredictable. Crazy. Awesome.

When I was younger, these 70 acres held the most supreme adventures. Trees, barns, mud, vines, cows, AND a basketball hoop.


Now that I’m less apt to play in the mud and try to catch those tiny things swimming in the creek, I walk. I walk and I don’t carry a watch, cellphone, anything. It’s so wonderful to not be constrained by time. I think I’ve truly mastered the art of ambling. Walking with no destination or goal, no time limit or task to accomplish. Walking to just enjoy the beauty.

I love the farm. I tried to capture some of the beauty for you here. It’s my first experimentation with this AWESOME camera my ‘Florida Grandma’ blessed me with for Christmas. Never thought I would own a camera this nice. I can’t wait until I understand how to use it to be super awesome.

P.S. The title is one of my Grandpa’s favorite sayings.

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The Rivalry Continues

This is Dad's attempt at a 'tough face' - Don't judge him, he's a Pastor.

Lord, I’m sarcastically thankful for…

My sister.

Let’s give a little background. My sisters and I are as opposite as, well, all the famous sisters I can think of are really similar. So let’s say she’s like one of the Olsen twins, whichever one is more stable, and I’m like either Venus or Serena Williams, minus the fashion sense and unbelievable calves. I’ve always been into sports and Hannah hates to sweat. Hannah will dress up every day if you let her, and I would rather wear sweatpants. Hannah played with dolls and I with dirt. I mean really, SO different.

I love my sister. And she has been by far the best thing about living at home. But, there are times when I definitely do not appreciate her. Like this past week when we were obliterated by that snow storm. Let me just take you on a tour of our night…

Winter decided to remind us all the reasons we don't like Ohio ALL in one night.

Mom & Dad got stuck on the Interstate and called to have US, key word meaning more than one person, shovel the driveway. I was doing my part, hence this lovely picture of my butt.

While Hannah was making snow angels.

But, like most instances in our entire lives, Hannah can smile and worm her way into your good graces in a matter of minutes.

After the driveway was done…

We played dress up in Dad's ridiculous hats...

And went on a walk with Mom, enjoying the snow and making fun of each other =)

Best friends on 3...Best friends.

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