The Rivalry Continues

This is Dad's attempt at a 'tough face' - Don't judge him, he's a Pastor.


Sporting Event? More like sporting BLISS!

NCAA Tournament


Is this even a question? March Madness. No doubt.

What other event can offer distractions ALL weekend long for an entire MONTH? Thrills after thrills, game after game, each getting more dramatic and more important than the next.

64 games in one tournament. No other event gives you that build up, that much drama. It can't be contained 60 minutes, two halves, four quarters or 5 matches. The teams, the players become familiar. The stories carry on throughout the tournament. Can you ever forget those Cinderella teams?

Seriously, I look forward to this month all year long. I have always watched on television but would LOVE to get to a game in person. Some day =)

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Smoker’s Lung, Mount Alumni Game & Top 10 Reasons I Love THE Game of Basketball

Let’s get some things clear, while participating for the Mount Union Women’s Basketball Team I did amass several coveted memberships and awards such as becoming a member of the 1,000 Points in Warm-ups Club, Loudest Bench in the Ohio Athletic Conference, Slowest runner of ANY sprint imaginable (you name it and I can finish last with a fantastically fashionable dive). Well, I don’t mean to brag but,

I. Was. Awesome.

So naturally, the team would want me back to participate in the Alumni Game. A fake alumni such as myself is hard to get a hold of. Besides the game being an awesome opportunity for me to reunite with some serious ballers, feel like I’ve been smoking for 60 years because of how out of shape I’ve gotten, seriously, I coughed for hours; it also served as a reminder of this love affair I’ve had with the game of basketball that started at the age of 4.

My dad, the ultimate handy man, rigged together a basketball hoop from a tire, metal pole, some concrete, plywood and a rim. It started at probably 2 feet. As I got bigger and more awesome, the hoop raised. It sat on this concrete slab which was about 6 feet wide. When I was younger, it was my entire court. Big enough to play an entire fake game with at least 4 different countdown, last second, incredible shots. This concrete slab was where the game began to capture my heart.

As I got older, I played some frustrating games on some rough teams for some difficult coaches. Through 13 houses, several towns and 3 states, basketball was constant. It continued to lure me back. You know that look that a little girl can give you where you think to yourself ‘How can I ever be mad at that face?’ Well, I’m the frumpy mom, and the little girl; her name is Wilson. And although I could list maybe 100 reasons that I love this game I thought I would cut it down to 10 so you don’t miss your late night television shows.


  1. The feel of the ball in my hands: shear familiarity. Like two old friends who know everything about each other, I can feel where the ball is going to be so closely it’s as if it were an extension of my hand.
  2. The pursuit of an offensive rebound.
  3. The intricacies and strategies of the game. Over or under the screen? Help or bluff? Zone or man? Curl or fade? Back cuts, high-lows and everything in between. AWESOME.
  4. Outworking every single other player on the court.
  5. The faded sense of reality you get when you’re between the lines. Just like a bubble bath or massage, all I need to relax and unwind is the ball and a hoop.
  6. My crossover. Probably the only time I feel like a real, live baller =)
  7. Feeling of rightness after shooting a perfectly and fundamentally sound 3-pointer. As soon as it leaves your hand you can get that cocky half-smile on your face because you know that there’s no way you can miss.
  8. Satisfaction after finishing a sprint. Unless your coach is a dictator and makes you get right back on the line…cough cough, Caitlin Carroll.
  9. Cheering from the bench. I think I had the best of both worlds playing in college. I got to make some awesome friends and have almost no pressure come game day. Cheering slash encouraging my teammates was an awesome experience and SUPER fun…hence, Loudest Bench in the OAC.
  10. The childlike nature of the game. It allows me to be immature stalking my coach around the floor, making dumb jokes that no one laughs at, squirting my teammates in the face with water, trying to laugh and joke without getting caught by the dictator.

Basketball allows me to be that little girl on that concrete slab in Kentucky. Oh, and P.S. SHE is spectacular.

It’s finally March!!!

So today being March first marks the beginning of a super cool month for Nate and I. This Friday we get to go to Panama City Beach, Florida on Big Break with Campus Crusade. We are going to attend seminars, share our faith on the beach, and pack over one million meals for victims in Haiti. We are so excited to go and cannot wait to see what God will do through the students down there.

Also in March, what should be considered a national holiday, MARCH MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon productivity will stall, and my butt will be planted in front of the television, checking my brackets and cheering on my young but explosive Wildcats. This has got to be the greatest month of the year for this reason alone. It’s shocking that some choose not to take a part. My challenge to you…let the amazingness of March Madness envelope you this month. Soak it in so you can be a walking, talking Digger Phelps (ESPN Analyst with highlighters that always match the tie he’s wearing). You won’t regret it. Oh, and of course…..CHEER FOR THE KENTUCKY WILDCATS AND PATRICK PATTERSON!!!!!!!

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