Office, Ohio State, and Scrabble…my life is RANDOM.

Lately my blogging aspirations have been, well, uninspired. Serious kudos to those people who blog every day. Not me.

Here are some highlights of my life lately:

  • We reached 65% of our support goal =) God has provided in such unbelievable ways and I’m SOOO pumped to see Him provide this last 35% and get us to campus.
  • I was extremely disappointed with Will Ferrell’s appearance on The Office. Seriously awful. The receptionist, Erin, was the funniest character in the whole episode. Here is one of her older clips that is my absolute favorite:
  • I entered the pregnant woman jungle of Babies-R-Us to get a baby shower gift, had a mini panic attack in the diaper aisle, and felt judged by all the pregnant women in the store because I look like I could have just finished my sophomore year of high school. Hope to not go back into that madness for a LONG time!
  • Toured Ohio State University with my good friends who are on staff with Crusade there. Wow. Mount’s campus could practically fit into their workout center. Ridiculous. Here are my 3 favorite shots from the day:

  • Biggest news of my random week. I FINALLY beat Nate in one of our favorite games, Fast Scrabble. I started playing this game with Nate’s family when we started dating. If I scored in the positives, it was a good game. Nate’s mom is a Fast Scrabble Ninja and usually, even he smokes me. But not this time. Not anymore. Here is my clincher puzzle, the one that won it all for me. VICTORY!!!!
Here’s to more blogging inspiration in the coming weeks. CAN’T WAIT!

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  1. Sarah
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 21:28:57

    I COMPLETELY agree with you about The Office with Will Ferrell. I love Steve Carrel and his character, Michael Scott. I only want Will Ferrell to be just like Michael Scott – if not, I don’t want him on the show! LOL But I do love Erin — she is so funny! I want her and Andy to get back together lol

    Miss you! Love you!



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