Let me preface by saying, “I’m not pregnant.”

It seems as if from Day #2 of being married every time I say,”Guess what?”, my family replies with shrieking excitement, “YOU’RE PREGNANT!”.

To which I reply back, “No, I picked a weggie without my hands today and I thought you would be proud.”

Both sides of Nate and I’s family are definitely not pushing us to wait to have children =) It’s not like they’re pushing us to begin a family either, but our mommas are ready to spoil them some grandbabies. And of course, with both of them having such a quiet and meek personality, it’s not like they voice their opinions LOUDLY and OFTEN or anything (insert sarcastic wink here).

Anyway…all this to say that the prompt that this bloggy thingy gave me to write about was, “Write a letter to your future grandchildren.” Since I can’t even imaging having grandchildren at this point in my life , I thought I would give this a stab to a future child.

I’ve never actually thought of what I would say to he/she/them so forgive me if this is a little jumbled:

Dear uh…YOU,

I cannot believe that you have made me a mother. I feel compelled to either get a mom haircut or learn to play the piano.

I have many unrealistic expectations for you: Speak several languages by 3rd grade, learn to play the harp so you can receive a fat scholarship to a top University (Thank you Kate & Evan Staggs for this inspiration), appreciate and dominate in several key sports, and be an avid chef as to limit the years I have to cook for our family. But, I kid.

There are so many things that I cannot wait to teach you; to show and model for you. I hope I can show you how to love life and love Jesus most of all. He will transform your life in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. When I think about my life even thus far, I can definitely say that the most fulfilling and wondrous experience for me has been walking in relationship with God. He cares for you so much more than I even have the capacity for. Don’t waste years of your life trying to find a wholeness in your Spirit without Jesus. I’ve tried. I’ve failed.

I know that having your parents in ministry will not be easy for you. There will be days when you absolutely hate what we do, and will wish for us to have chosen a 9-5 desk job with no ties to peoples’ hearts. I remember feeling the same way countless times growing up. I hope you can see in us the importance and joy found in investing in people. You will find that so much happiness comes in serving and loving others well.

I want you to know, that you were made with immaculate care and thought. Your body, your talents, your personality, were all crafted by a loving Father. You are celebrated. You are enough exactly as you are. I will reaffirm your identity often, and be mindful to continually walk in the Spirit so I don’t portray the opposite, in my view of myself, of what I say to you.

You cannot possibly perform for my love. I have no expectations that you must live up to.


I will be the annoyingly enthusiastic mom for wherever you feel your passions lie. You may have to be patient with me if you choose to pursue anything but sports. I’m not really sure what’s appropriate level of cheering for ballet performances, orchestra recitals, art shows etc. I’ll try not to be loud and obnoxious, but I cannot make any promises. Just know that I love you…and I can park around the corner so no one knows you’re associated with me.

You will become my most important ministry. Walking through life with you will erupt in me a contentment of being exactly in the place you were created for. Honestly, I hope by the time you arrive, I am more mature and selfless than as I’m writing this. I’m sure you will bring out a nature in me that no one else can, and one that I have doubted exists in my character.

I cannot wait to make a lifetime of memories with you.

I already love you.

Megan – a.k.a. The coolest future mom in North Lawrence, Ohio, [Population: 12]


What would you say to your future children? Or, if you know me, what would you say to mine? =) Leave me a comment, peeps!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsey
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 21:34:55

    First of all, I got teary reading this- absolutely beautiful. And when (not if)your child is an amazing ballerina, I’ll show you how to handle tutus, leotards, and how much to cheer at recitals. But really- you’re going to rock the whole mom thing =) love you!


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