The Significance of Your Call

So we made it to Orlando in one piece. Most of the time Megan blogs however, I felt that it might be time for me to start branching out. So here it goes.

So we made it to Orlando in one piece. After a long check in process and getting settled in we hit the ground running last night and started right back up this morning by being introduced to Steve Douglass, President of Campus Crusade for Christ. He spoke to us for about 2 hours on various topics and shared how he has seen God work throughout his lifetime of service with Crusade. It was towards the end of the meeting that he shared with us a talk that he labeled “The Significance of Your Call.” Now, like most people in the meeting room I was wearing thin from the previous two hours of lecture and was excited that lunch was in 30 minutes.

However, Dr. Douglass, turned to the group and said something that will stick with me throughout my life. Calmly he looked as us and said “Don’t doubt in the darkness what God revealed to you in the light.” He went on speaking about the hardships of being in ministry and how many times he found himself doubting if he really was called to the position he was in. He said that as New Staff there will be times when we question if this is really where God wants us. This of course got me thinking about any Christian, whether they are in full time ministry or not. Do we trust God’s call on our lives? When times get tough during a dark period in our lives do we doubt the promises God made us in the light?

After asking myself these questions, I turned back to what Dr. Douglass was saying when he shared with us four points that every believer should know as we live out our call. The first point was simple, Eternity is Very Long. We must start thinking with an eternal perspective. Do we care more about what people think if we share our faith with them than we do that these people could be spending an eternity seperated from God? Eternity is forever.

The second point he shared with us is that Life is Very Short. We don’t have a lot of time here, but what we do with the time that we do have will characterize what we live for. Our we living for things that will last forever?

The third point point was that life is short Yet Great Impact can be made in Life. Again what we do with the time we have been given shows us where our hearts lie. What kind of an impact will you have on this world?

The last point was that we need to Focus on Right Priorities. We will make a great impact if our priorities are in line with the Biblical truths that God shares with us in His Word. What are your priorities?

How did God call you? Are you willing to sacrifice to step into that call? Remember, “Don’t doubt in the darkness what God revealed to you in the light.”


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